Experience the tantalizing taste of mango with our exclusive mango menu at Dzurt Patisserie. Indulge in our Mango Tart—a buttery delight filled with creamy mango custard and topped with fresh mango slices. Dive into our Eggless Mango Cheesecake, featuring a smooth mango-infused cheesecake topped with luscious mango mousse. For a delightful twist, try our Eggless Mango Crumble Cake, a sponge cake filled with mango bits and layered with mango mousse and crumble. Lastly, treat yourself to our Mango Swiss Roll—a light sponge cake rolled with creamy mango filling.

Each creation captures the essence of mangoes, offering a refreshing and tropical dessert experience. Celebrate the flavors of summer with our mango specialties.