• Modern Pastry X Mithai

Modern Pastry X Mithai

Chef Tejasvi's recent venture into the fusion desserts category marks a captivating exploration, seamlessly merging the elegance of modern pastry with the intricate flavors of traditional Indian mithais. In this innovative culinary journey, she seeks to spotlight the often-overlooked mastery found in the hallways of India, where skilled artisans tirelessly craft culinary delights with seemingly effortless grace.

Driven by a deep appreciation for the artistry of Indian halwais, Chef Tejasvi has taken her expertise to prestigious institutes such as Le Cordon Bleu and EPGB Barcelona, where she has conducted masterclasses. Through these sessions, she not only imparts the techniques of blending modern and traditional elements but also instills a sense of respect for the rich heritage of Indian sweets.

For Chef Tejasvi, this initiative serves as a meaningful way to give back to her country. By providing students with a creative outlet and a platform to celebrate the craftsmanship of halwais, she fosters an environment where culinary innovation meets cultural reverence. In doing so, Chef Tejasvi contributes to the preservation and evolution of India's culinary legacy, creating a harmonious fusion that pays homage to both tradition and contemporary gastronomy.

Our Story

This natural extension of Dzurt is not simply a space, oozing authenticity but also a concept, spearheaded by our Founder & Chef Tejasvi Chandela, Apurvi Chandela and Bindu Chandela, to make you fall in love with a lifestyle embracing elegance, grace and everything aesthetics. The collectables,primarily, hold hints of English florals, uniquely capturing their thought, intention, and taste. Come pluck a timeless bud from our first collection-Wisteria.