About Chef Tejasvi Chandela

Renowned for her exceptional mastery in the dynamic intersection of Indian and modern pastry, Chef Tejasvi Chandela has ingeniously carved a niche for herself within the world of pastry.

 Her journey commenced with a strong educational foundation at the illustrious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris post which she established Dzurt Patisserie & Cafe, a ground breaking venture that marked her entrepreneurial debut at a mere 22 years of age. Situated in the vibrant city of Jaipur, Dzurt Patisserie & Cafe achieved distinction as the city's first standalone French patisserie. It is a reflection of Chef Chandela's dexterity and artistry in the field. 

 Continuing her pursuit of excellence, Chef Chandela's aspirations led her to the heart of Barcelona where she earned a Master’s degree in Chocolate Making from the esteemed EPGB. This experience catalysed her co-founding endeavor, All Things Chocolate, also based out of Jaipur. The brand specialises in crafting innovative Bean to Bar chocolates using Indian cacao, an embodiment of her love for indigenous produce.

 Chef Chandela's remarkable achievements have catapulted her into the upper echelons of pastry and chocolate expertise, elevating her to being one of the top pastry chefs in India. Her influence and culinary wisdom earned her a baking show called the “The Baker’s Table” with India's esteemed television channel, Zee Zest.

 She seeks inspiration from local and indigenous ingredients and traditions and enjoys the fusion of Indian mithai with modern pastry techniques. This innovative approach has garnered international recognition, earning her esteemed features in prestigious magazines such as SO GOOD and DPAS. She was recently honoured with the Talents of the Year Pastry Award for La Liste 2023 in Paris, France and with the Young Pastry Chef of the Year Award by Conde Nast India in Mumbai, India to celebrate her talent, innovations, craftsmanship and her efforts in shaping the future of pastry shops.

 She intends on taking this marriage between Indian Traditions and Modern Pastry Techniques to a global platform through her engaging workshops, both on an international stage and within India, which shall further solidify her role as an avant-garde trailblazer in the realm of pastry innovations.