Cheesecake base:

    Digestive biscuits: 250g

    Unsalted Butter: 75g

    Holiday cheesecake batter:

      Cream cheese: 450g

      Icing sugar: 60g

      Ganache: 100g

      Whipped cream: 100g

      Zest of 2 oranges

      Mini marshmallows: 30g

      Almond flakes: 30g

      Hazelnuts: 30g

      Ganache: 80g

      Marshmallows ( optional)

      Chocolate chunks 

      Orange slices 

      Gold dust 


      • Crush the digestive biscuits 
      • Add the melted butter and bind it together with the biscuit
      • Put it in the base of your springform pan and chill it for 30 mins 
      • Now start combining the cream cheese with one tablespoon of sugar at a time
      • Add the chocolate ganache and start folding the mixture 
      • Add whipped cream and mix well 
      • Add the nuts, marshmallows, zest and anything of your liking
      • Pour the cheesecake batter in the tin on top of the biscuit base
      • Chill  it overnight in the refrigerator 
      • Decorate with Chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallows

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